Tiger VS Bear: Shaun Walsh And Billy Kemper

posted by / Video / January 24, 2014

Consider this the XXL Award du jour. Shaun Walsh, Billy Kemper, perfect Peahi. Who got the better barrel? Shaun paddles in good and steep, takes a straight line then hooks under a heaving lip. He disappears in the belly of the beast for a moment before emancipating himself with the spit. Billy draws a similar line, but his wave pitches with a demented amount of girth — and it spits so far as Honolulu. Two bulls were tamed, but there can only be one king of the rodeo. You’re the judge.

Who won the fight: the tiger or the bear?

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  • own opinion

    both, thats too hard to choose. Very little people surf shit that massive.

  • Pete Simpson

    Very close, but Walsh was deeper in the tube. Both F%$#ing nuts.

  • rooboy

    Bigger bottom turn always win…. but think there is better to come…. way better

  • durdurdur


  • Justme

    TIGER for the win, suspenseful ride!

  • Drew

    Not voting, too sick.

  • Chiara

    Without doubt Walsh because sends the wave in the ass!!! Amazing

  • Alex

    Tiger all the way… deeper deeper!!!