Tiger VS Bear: Julian Wilson And John John Florence

posted by / Video / September 25, 2013

Lowers gratuitously offers opportunities to get frisky on both the right and the left and during last week’s Hurley Pro, regularfooters Julian Wilson and John John Florence took the old stones up on that. Julian, on a right, sped down the line and hurled his tail at the sky — rotating and stomping, sans grab. His foot slid up the nose of his board in mid air, but it didn’t seem to hinder his perfect landing. The judges deemed it worthy of a 9.20. In an earlier round, John John Florence blindly spun a backside waft for the ages. It wasn’t quite as big as JW’s, but the degree of difficulty spikes once backhands start getting involved. JJF slipped off his board moments later, and the judges only gave him a 2.60. We, however, contend that the maneuver was perfectly completed. But was Julian’s hang-five growl enough to top Lord John’s roar?

Who won the fight: the tiger or the bear?

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  • spencer McKay

    Julian Wilson threw so much more into that air! He boosted so much harder with way more effort. Sure you can argue it looks better when its effortless but there was way more emotion felt upon lift off with JW. On a side note, when his foot popped off a little bit it appeared as if it was an “ollie north”, the skateboard trick, which was badass. Overall, they were both impressive but today the Tiger defeated the Bear.

  • own opinion

    @spencer don’t believe anyones arguing, tis why we have our own opinions and voted differently.

  • Lee Hale

    Surfing is about the zen of the connection. If it is made to look effortless than may the best judge win. Water flows. Water crashes.

  • KenBradshaw

    spencer mkCay must be home schooled.

  • wtf happen?

    WTF! both of them win. small waves sucks

  • mark

    thats not surfing in that small slop….should no even have a contest in that crap

  • Bean

    The jaguar- Gabriel’s backside airs in his heat with Travis win hands down. That is a different event though. I reckon Miguel Pupo’s big air in rd 1 was pretty sickkkk!

  • willie

    everyone can chupa