Tiger VS Bear: Tanner Hendrickson And Ross Williams

posted by / Video / October 2, 2013

This week, Tiger VS Bear heads to the North Shore of Oahu — you ever heard of it? Tanner Hendrickson and Ross Williams each dig into goldmines at Pipeline’s Backdoor. Tanner, the young blood from Maui, pulls in and races through nearly impossible sections. It is a sensational display of agility from the tiger. Meanwhile, Ross finds more of your classic Backdoor bowl. He isn’t bothered by any pest of a late drop and gets treated to a flawless lip-line. He hibernates in his tube, only to emerge with poof of spit. But as perfect as Ross’ wave was, could it be enough to defeat Tanner’s skillful sprint?

Who won the fight: the tiger or the bear?

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Footage: Jacob Vanderwork

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  • Center Line

    Shane Dorian vs.Ross Williams. emotional. Let’s see some old footage

  • Dahills808

    Ross by a mile but how you going to make Da cat a bear??????

  • BAMP

    Look how calm Ross is..unreal.

  • cocoNUT

    Brah…not even close…Ross all the way!

  • smallkine

    brah its like tree feet. def ross cuz hes da man. who the fuck is tanner? looks like a wannabe mick fanning