Tiger VS Bear: Yago Dora And Wade Goodall

posted by / Video / March 27, 2014

Let’s get technical. We’ve got Yago Dora and Wade Goodall in the new Tiger VS Bear, two aerial animals doing two full rotations. Yago hucks wildly into the wind at Rocky Point. It’s tail-high and tweaked, with a landing smoother than a warm glass of whole milk. Wade’s, on the other hand, is a true loft. Same grab, but he spins madly. Angrily almost. His tail ain’t so high, but it’s refreshing to see a flat, high air — like Bruce Irons in Campaign. Now exercise democracy and vote.

Who won the fight: the tiger or the bear?

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  • Bruce

    it is literally insane that wade isn’t winning

  • Ghee

    How do you say nepotism in Portuguese?

  • Trevor

    Im not Brazilian and I voted for Dora. It was just higher, cleaner and flat out insane. Plus…… a Brazilian with good style and doesnt claim!

  • Deego

    Dora only 15 years old and flying monstruosly in that air, Tiger for Sure!

  • canweplease

    shout outs to wade, you sick mother fucker


    Ghee nepotism in portuguese is: Nepotismo.
    about brazilians with good style, i think you gays may have a serious problem with it…. dont be so jealous guys…..

  • Earl E Stokes

    Yago flies over the section and lands in a sweet spot back to open face. Wade flies over the closeout and powers to the stand up in the foam. No comparisomismo…apples to Oranges is maçãs com laranjas in Portogees