Timmy Reyes // Destination Unknown // 5:19

posted by / Video / May 19, 2014

Remember when Timmy Reyes was on the WCT? We do, Dave Stansfield does. The tour has gone on without him and, as we see here, Timmy has certainly gone on without the tour. Here’s a wintery Destination Unknown edit from O’Neill. In layman’s terms, that means here’s a whole lot of world class surfing in a wetsuit thicker than yours. You can almost smell the redwoods from here.

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  • Anthony Arnold

    That was sick. I’m glad they didn’t try to do the same edit as everyone else.

  • shiminimioozy

    yeti is a great wave to watch. dont want any part of it though

  • northern

    Where’s the credit to the filmer(s)/editor? Regardless, great edit with some insane footage. Timmy charges hard.

  • northern

    and I appreciate you not saying the names of any spots or specific areas. “Pacific northwest” is vague enough to keep the untrained eye guessing..

  • Lol

    Well done, insane edit. You guys have a lot of people tricked.

  • Bart

    what board dims u riding bra? sick vid – epic!!!

  • SalmonPeople

    Agreed. Thank You.

  • sum yunguy

    I know that spot at 00:39.

  • Mark

    He says: What money.
    I think his car gave the answer.

  • gern blanston

    I feel like I get barrels like that in the NW but it may just be my imagination.

  • cleanSooke

    Nice to see some areas I surf in there, and a couple I’ve only seen pics of. It’s fricken May and not a swell in sight…only 4 more months. :(