Tom Curren // J-Bay // 4:21

posted by / Video / August 21, 2014

Tom Curren, J-Bay, Black Sabbath. That’s the trio we’re looking at here folks. Everything about it is badass. We can’t really endorse the board he rides at the 2:34 mark, but he’s Tom Curren and can do whatever the hell he wants. Revisit his perfect 10 in the heritage heat against Occy at 3:45. Then watch it again.

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  • Mike Tuten

    Thanks SURFING for posting the video. My family appreciates the support! With warmest aloha, Mike Tuten. Instagram @mtdhawaii

  • Pickles

    Can’t endorse an alaia? Because it’s not a chipped out thruster?

  • Refrus Ruofefil

    More Curren please!

  • jose

    thanku roland

  • blindpatriotsneednotapply

    Try pushing 200 lbs and riding a wood board. You might find its harder than you think.

  • john burton

    Tha wizard