Torrey Meister // Southern California // 1:29

posted by / Video / August 14, 2012

Hawaiian transplant Torrey Meister, ramps out over reefs

We’d say it looks like a skatepark, but that’s so damn trite

Torrey Meister


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  • lance burkhart

    Stay the hell away from that area and every spot around it. Go back to your rock and expose your own surf spots.

  • niko

    Sunset Cliffs…Feel free to bring as many friends as you want.

  • Sliding Sense


    Your country is the one who annexed Hawaii without us being asked. It’s not our fault that we can travel freely in 49 states. Screw you.

  • Pete

    both of you have valid points


    I agree with Lance. Stay out of our hood!!!!

  • leraine

    Hi there

    shoe looks like surfer dudes also fight, at the end you all just wanna catch a wave and have fun. sorry i dont now much about surfing lol and shoeldn’t prob stick my nose in this lol

    i would be more worried about the sharks lol then stealing someones turf?

    south africa

  • :-)

    Very good point Leraine.

  • lance burkhart

    For starters, Niko: f#%k off. Pretty easy to understand right? Two words, f#%k and off. You obviously don’t know how things work. Sliding Sense, were Americans we do what we want. Go put a Dakine Hawaii sticker on your tacoma and cook up a fresh batch of ice. Boom roasted. Dago Dog, keep up the good work.

  • Matt Parker

    Lance, by the looks of your grammar the schools near Sunset Cliffs are worse than the ones in Hawaii. I’m amazed that you were able to muster up the intelligence log on to the internet at all.

  • PL Loke

    IF you werent born here dont surf here. Go back to your little fucking rock that you hawaiins already blew up. The reason you all complain about crowds is because you brought every photographer to shoot your waves. now you have hundreds of people crowding your lineups. Dont ruin what is still sacred. nikos probably some Brazo fuck who surfs avalanche. SPLIT GOONS!

  • Sliding Sense

    Blew up? You are the ones with the nuclear arsenal that you insist on keeping in the islands to keep American Imperialism at the forefront of American foreign policy.

    A batch of ice Lance? It was the CIA that introduced crack cocaine into East Coast ghettos…….you guys are still living in the Gilded Age, where Americans were known to have crass manners and shoddy ethics.

    Your Hood? You mean a rich, white enclave in an area that used to be be sovereign Mexican territory?

    Holy cow folks, if karma really is a bitch, then all of you are my bitches.

    Run for your lives, here come the Chinese!

  • Moke 808

    @ Lance. Localism is dead! Go get a passport and see the world instead of being a stagnant rotten turd in California! In fact, I’m going to get my big lens and bring the crew to Sunset Cliffs!

  • yeah guy

    Those waves are terrible.

  • lance burkhart

    well, if you want your camera broken then go ahead

  • Matt Parker

    Lance you’re an internet tough guy, who hides behind a keyboard and a pseudonym. Did it ever occur to you not pipe up and draw more attention to the area? I’m an interloper who surfs there whenever I’m in the area, you’re not so tough then. Check your fish tank, I shit in it. Red Dragons.

  • James

    HAHAHAHHAHA Lance, I see you’ve set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public. Fuck I don’t know what your problem is, but i’ll bet it’s hard to pronounce. Now first of all “CALI BARN” there any no secret spots in CALI! How they hell are you going to say that when there’s so many fuckin people all over who surfer everywhere? I don’t know if it’s just me but SURFING SPOTS IN CALI ARE ALWAYS CROWDED! I’d shut up, close your legs and go home and scrub because I think you just peed your pants and realized how stupid you sound! EAT SHIT FUCKA!!!

  • MY TURF!

    This torrey guy got the waves to look good, for being at Sunset Cliffs, because the wave’s suck. I’ve live over there and have been for years! So if it’s anyone’s TURF it’s mine. I’m there 24/7 So all you Jack and Jill’s need to keep your mouths shut because what I say go’s. If you can rip the shit out of crap then wtf go for it. If I ever see anyone get any camera’s broken then whoever broke the camera’s are going to get there faces broken.

    Really guys don’t embarrass California by saying this is the secret spot… We got better ones then this.

  • David

    Those waves look super average and Torrey SHREDDED them. I clicked here just to see what commentors were saying about Torrey’s surfing, but unfortunately people are caught up in their own selfish concerns. Torrey’s blog/videos are rad. Keep shredding!

  • lance burkhart

    Matt Parker, your always going to be a transplant interloper idiot who thinks that its cool to say they surf around there. James- You should be the one who feels like an idiot considering your a tropical mexican who doesnt know what they are talking about. Instead of me eating shit, how about you cook up some ice and you shut up.

  • James

    Lance your such a Laird! lol You know I am trying to see things from your point of view but, I just can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass! I will make you a deal. If you’ll be smarter, I’ll be nicer.. The only thing is I really doubt that’s possible. So enjoy getting slammed.

  • mikey

    FUNNY! some cliffs douchebag wants to claim “my wave baby”. waddadick! i suggest you toddle over to put in a fgew seasons on the north shore, get stuffed and pounded, by the locals and the waves, and then check back in.

    the kid made our california slop look respectable…not an easy task.

    see you in encinitas lance…bring back-up if you want to run your mouth