Tosh.0 Said It, Not Us

posted by / Video / September 28, 2011

Surfer Dude

Tosh.0 Daniel Tosh Surfer Web Redemption

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  • Jeff

    What do you expect? Most pro’s don’t even have a full high school education and the vocabulary of a 5th grader. Yes he’s a douche, but correct on most accounts…

  • Wyatt

    That’s right, he said it. If you had a single dude on your staff who could write like his writers, they’d have quit and gone elsewhere ages ago.

  • Honey Badger

    It’s funny ’cause it’s true….

  • Zeke

    Tosh is the man. %100 accurate on his depiction of surfers(ing). I despise my own kind, yes, you are all idiots.

  • Andy Tolhurst

    One of the better produced web redemptions. He did a great job playing it up and maybe Tosh’s comment on Hamilton is over the top, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Even Hobgood rolls with it. If you can’t laugh at yourself, it’s a going to be a bitter long time till the grave.

  • Corporate Heathen

    Is this man unaware of the intellectual hotbed that is the online commenting community?????

  • Danny Mac

    doesnt tosh surf?

  • Don Hulio

    Agreed, let’s all go meet at for tea and massages.

  • jake tellkamp

    tosh.o your a fucking idiot. honestly, don’t ever go to any coastal town again. you make money talking shit about people, I’d rather still be a surfer and keep my shitty little pay check.

  • Me

    Seriously, how can someone from america, any part of america, can call a brazilian an asshole? Dont guys have mirror? I mean, the whole world despises you, not a soul less. Everyone hates americans, youre consider a kook in all parts of the globe.

    Seriously, go grab a mirror. You really need.

  • Mic

    Why dose everyone want to hate brazzos why dose everyone want to hate Korens, Chinese, Americans who ever? Why is there all this hate shit! Go help somebody not hate somebody or at least go have a surf, get laid, knock off a few tins and relax. Hate, hate, hate, do you think that’s helping?

  • Matt OBrien

    people please! Tosh was just running his mouth off with EVERY STEREO TYPE in OUR Culture – and he nailed it! Look, when he says’ Brazzos are A$$H0L3$ he is saying what is ALWAYS SAID! DOESN’T MEAN HE MEANS IT. I swear some folks on this board (and others) want to play race card and cry cry cry – waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. it is a comedy show – ever heard of comedy?!? Shesh, funny clip, don’t take COMEDY so seriously. He isn’t racist – we the surf world CAN BE – and he pointed it out like a good outsider making fun of something he is not involved in. ya digggggg…..

  • Matt OBrien

    p.s. I love Brazilians AND most cultures on this blue speck – so don’t start slamming me for racism and all that $#!T… cheeers

  • Matt OBrien

    p.s. I love Brazilians AND most cultures on this blue speck – so don’t start slamming me for racism and all that $#!T… cheeers

  • Tyler

    he dont look the part, but tosh surfs. surfs well too.

  • responder

    Comments 9 through 14 live up to Tosh’s comedy bit. #6 is cute!! #1 and #2 are revealing some personal issues.#3 and #4 are difficult to determine. #5 potentially has a future and a present. # 8 I didn’t follow the link so (no comment). Did I miss anyone, I lost track…Gotta go surf, it’s decent today.

  • maddog

    holy shit! that’s great!

  • Me

    I know he doenst mean it, it was more like a joke, but just look at the comments on this website at any given day. ALL HATE, nothing good comes, just plain hate.

  • james rocks

    What’s great is that he wore a UM (University of Miami) cane shirt! HA,HA, no doubt another innuendo or a plug for his fav college team.

  • Rad Dude

    fucking gold!!

  • Al

    This is so stupid. This kid was OBVIOUSLY joking when he gave that interview. I would have done the same thing. It’s funny to be funny, especially on the news. Tosh is stupid enough to think that’s his real dialect? Wow. What a moron.

    Coming from Plymouth State University, (Transworld ranked #1 Snowboarding school in the country) I can tell you that this fits snowboarders (and skaters) moreso than surfers.

  • cardiff

    Ha, ha, even Bozos like tosh know Brazzos are kooks!!!! Too funny

  • jake tellkamp

    brazzos are hated because you guys hassle the shit out of people and on the world tour all ur surfers claim every damn wave. Every race of surfers gets hassled get over it.

  • croatan

    “brazzos are hated because you guys hassle the shit out of people and on the world tour all ur surfers claim every damn wave.”

    So you’re saying Brazilian surfers are hated because they are stoked..? Can someone who knows, enlighten me on why the fuck you aren’t supposed to have fun surfing!?
    How did surfing evolve into such bummer where if you have fun while doing it you are a kook?

    The surfing world needs more like Daniel Tosh and the “Pitted. So Pitted..” dude.

    Fuck you if you can’t take a joke.

  • Me

    Yes, I dont understand also. All the suddenly every surfer is so cool that he cant be stoked when riding waves… Gotta keep that Brad Pitt I’m so cool pose.

    God Damn it, everyday my hate towards surf and surfers just grows bigger. I don’t even like to call myself the S word anymore. Whenever some asks me if I surf, I deny like a taleban prisoner down at guantanamo bay.

    Gotta start a new movement here: SURFING IS LAME, dont be proud of it…

    And no, youre not an artist just because you paint your boards and use instagram. You´re a just a kook.

  • Supplanter

    For the most part Tosh.O is just speaking the truth. He says some offensive things, but only for the sake of making a funny joke (which is his job). When he insulted surfing on his popular show he basically gave a big shout out to pro surfing and surfing in general. Its the same concept as ‘The Roast’.

  • Jimmicane

    @james rocks The UM shirt was also a joke. He said it at the beginning of the show. “i would’ve repped my Alma Mater, UCF but Miami paid me more” Then he said something about the U paying for his abortion costs. It was hilarious!

  • Ali

    Man Brazillian ass hole? ? really ? Kill yourself stuped i hate u man u are ridiculous..

    Just die DUMB .. how can u make a joke about KALLY SLATER?

    u sux!

  • yeahguy

    @Jimmicane – The Jags are the worst team in the NFL. Minus MJD, being that he is the only thing keeping that trainwreck of a franchise alive.

  • Sam

    @Ali HAHAHAHAHAH i hope thats a troll

  • pol pot

    haha Jake telleknanp or whatever such a grom thing to say, that was absolutely hilarious, being a surfer (that really dislikes surfers) that was sheer brilliance

  • shawn

    haha yewww so hilarious they got CJ in there

  • deaf in 7 nostrils

    Looks like a lot of people aren’t working or have too much time on their hands to be angry over one man’s opinion. This was a realistic view of someone not worshiping the industry or what it stands on … which is about 3 brain cells and 4 trust funds.

  • sd

    This is why surfing is not fun anymore. Most surfers hate the world so much they cant even take a joke. People take for granted how blessed they are to even live by an ocean or have an opportunity to surf. I have no problem with Brazzos but they get a bad rep because they show no respect. If anyone was at the Lowers 6.0 comp they would know how rude that group was. You will notice the nicest guys out in the water are the ones who are enjoying life… the dicks are pissed because their life sucks. Just give respect to earn respect…. and Tosh was doing his job. I don’t see Bethany Hamilton or Kelly Slater getting pissed off about it.

  • jbrd

    I saw this on tv and thought wow i knew exactly what he meant

  • Josh hromin

    Tosh is pretty. Don’t be bummed guys, still get more barreled and bang hotter chicks

  • Jesse

    All the above garbage aside, the surfer who Tosh redeemed did a good job, for sure. Guy didn’t take himself too seriously and helped to make the skit funny. Good for him.

  • Noel

    I LMAO…if you can’t laugh at yourself and don’t forget your friends,( gott alaugh at them too) than you’re way to serious…what other sport does anyone get that excited..I’d love to see a golfer describe a great shot like that…

  • Fuck Brazilians

    Fuck brazilian girls and the guys can just go fuck themselves

  • j


  • San Diego Girly

    WAPASHHHHHH BAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH I love this guy! He’s obviously excited beyond belief! Anybody talking crap is lame and doesn’t know what life feels like when it’s this good, and that’s so sad for you! Take your hate elsewhere, he repped the feeling perfectly through his blubbering excitement! I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world, southern Cali coastal life is the shizzzzz!!!!

  • cybervigilante

    Time to make fun of Surfers

    Announcer: “We’re here today to interview Sally Surfer and Bob Bigwave.

    “Sally, what do you think of the problems in the Middle East?”


    “Well, what about the economy?”


    “Will you blow me?”


    “Next, Bob Bigwave. Bob, is the afternoon in the morning or the evening?”


    “What color is the sky?”


    “Bob, if you eat this big plate of catshit, we’ll bring the biggest wave ever to this beach right now!”

    “Wow, gimmee that!” Bob slurps down the catshit.

    “You dumbass, Bob – we can’t control the waves!”

    “Oh. Duh-uh.”

    Come back next week for Surfers on Parade, where we show that surfers aren’t dumb, they just aren’t very smart.