Trailer: Live From The Moon

posted by / Video / October 7, 2013

We do it not because it is easy, but because it is hard. An Irishman with a smile that could captivate a country said that and his name was John F. Kennedy. JFK, in his day, sent a man to the moon and it most certainly was not Kid Cudi. Body Glove gleaned inspiration from Kennedy’s Russian crushin’ Space Race and they used that inspiration to create Live From The Moon. They sent their stacked team around the globe and they did things on waves that were not easy, but hard, just to make the Sputnik look like a piece of shit. The film will land on 11/26 and word around the stratosphere is that Jamie O’Brien’s part is not one to miss.

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  • Center Line

    Brought to you buy Body Bag Wetsuits.

  • Drew

    God I love that song its so good.

  • jay adams

    hate lil half second clips like these,the waves and surfing is as good as it gets just i wanna see a lil bit more than just lil tease BODY GLOVE SUCKS ANYWAY

  • Center Line

    After all these years Body Glove still has one of the ugliest logos. Ugly as ever, but a little smaller. I know the team riders are appreciative for being sponsored, but deep down 90% have been embarrassed to have their logo stinking up their board, whether they are a pro surfer, on the NSSA national team, or whatever. Keeping warm and wetsuit function should be one’s concern comes to a a wetsuit, but even if their wetsuits worked well, image and perception would still over rule everything.

  • Scott

    Center Line. You sound like a poor ol has been who wishes they had any logo on their board. But you suck at surfing, so you don’t. And now you go around blogs and forums typing your depressing life into the keys forming sad words from your existence. I feel sorry for you. BG has the most classic logo of any brand because it’s been around longer than any brand.
    Jay Adams, its a trailer. You want to see “longer” clips? Watch the movie.