Trailer: Out In The Lineup

posted by / Video / November 8, 2013

Surfers, compared to most, are open-minded individuals. We’re calm and understanding, or at least we hope to be. And as the world slowly learns to become more accepting of the beautiful and varied world of sexual preference, Out In The Lineup poses an important question. How do surfers react to homosexuality? Highlighting a diverse group, the documentary shows what it’s like to be a gay surfer and uncovers the taboo of homosexuality in surfing. It’s a truly original and interesting concept, we applaud thee. Film to drop by the end of this year.

Note: Any prejudice commenters will get banned.

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  • Kyle Van Band

    Coolness! Looks good, persuasive, and professional. I’m straight, but I think this is great. It addresses a primitive gap between surf culture and the creative progressiveness surfers tend to embrace. It must be time to mind the gap! Thanks for sharing.

  • chameleon

    What’s the point?? If you are gay just surf. Do you have to make a big deal about it? Nobody cares anymore- so find something else to whine about!

  • Center Line

    Surfing can be a time where nothing else matters.
    On another note, People are people so why should it be, that you and I get along so awfully…like the song

  • MaMo

    Looks like an interesting movie about a controversial topic. Unfortunately I can’t agree with the caption saying that surfers are more open minded than average. If at all a general statement applies I would think surfers are more single-minded and certainly more homophobic than average.

  • its ok

    I like the pussy but I’m not gonna have a parade. Hmmm, maybe that’s not such a bad idea…

  • DanO

    If someone made a big deal out of being gay in the lineup, I’d not want them in the lineup – because thats not what the lineup is about. Its a simple equation: NO ONE CARES.

    It doesn’t even factor into surfing at all.

  • Merk

    If gay people don’t want it to be a ‘bad thing’ to be gay, then they need to stop making such a big deal about it because I seriously don’t care; so stop making the point over and over again. If youre a gay surfer I seriously don’t give a fuck. Just don’t drop in on me.

  • WhoCares

    Who freaking cares if you’re gay! People are people. Nothing is more annoying then gay people stuffing their gayness down our throats! I don’t go around making movies or wearing shirts about being straight!

  • seabarnacle

    No one cares what you do out of the water. Don’t drop in and we’re cool.

  • jan key

    sexual persuasions .. political views all head trips like that can stay up on the beach…. nobody cares. i just dont see the reason to flaunt something just because you are into it. if i see a couple of guys sucking face after a session i am not impressed, same with a guy and his girlfriend…. people, get a room or at least show some class. But then again two bikini clad hotties, still wet from a surf, tearing into each other might be worth a look or two……..

  • Joe

    Who cares, just go for a surf whether you are gay or not. Why the fuss, its not like you have to shout ‘im gay’ everytime you catch a set wave or anything

  • Matt S.

    Yeah who cares? Why are we talking about this? By the way, I’m into pussy and watching hot chicks kiss. I’m super straight so please don’t think I’m gay. Just to be clear, not gay.

  • MaMo

    Interestingly, my post questioning the open-mindedness of the surfing community and thereby totally appreciating the value and contribution of that movie is still “awaiting moderation”, while a bunch of other posts seem to completely miss the point why someone would make a movie like this. Maybe self-reflection (rather than self indulgence) is something else the surfing community is lacking?

  • juca morais

    awesome…long time ago i have an idea to open the first gay surf school…
    is gone work :-)

  • beachcrewzer

    A day in the life of a gay surfer. They went surfing. Amazing. Maybe back in the day it was a much bigger deal but it’s now 2013… even Russia will have to conform sooner or later.

  • j

    MaMo shut the fuck up everybodies remarks were openminded but yours you idiot

  • Matt S.

    Imagine you are gay. How would you feel telling your friends you are gay? You say just keep it to yourself. How? Don’t you and your friends talk about girls? Don’t you think you would feel extremely uncomfortable just being quiet all the time or talking about guys in front of them? The reason gays have parades etc. is because they are made to feel less than or worse. I hope at least while they are surfing they can have a break from that shit but I doubt it.

  • marcus

    i hate girl surfers

  • MaMo

    Hi j, nice reply! I count at least 9 posts that say “who cares”. Good to see that they are seemingly accepting of gays in the line-up. Sad though that their open-mindedness does not go as far as putting themselves into the situation of a minority that is discriminated against and obviously feels the need for such a movie to raise awareness. Apart from that my comment was a general one. I think we surfers fancy ourself as open-minded, but hey, 95% of the crowd in Indo does not give a damn about local culture, customs and sensitivities. Appalling really, and not what I call open-minded.

  • dgb

    “If you’re gay, cool, just don’t tell anybody about it.” Ironic that the answer to the desperately held vestige of the problem is clearly stated 15 seconds into the clip. No one cares about who you have sex with.

  • SoWhat?

    So What? Shut up & surf.

  • Joe

    Mamo, this really is just a case of arm flapping and whining in a ‘problem’ that wont get fixed by a simple video. But the reality is being gay has absolutely nothing to do with being in the ocean and riding lumps of water on a board.

  • Rick Dickert

    You know who does care?
    Cori Schumacher!
    Give her a megaphone and she will yell about inequalities for days. That’s why she’s not a pro longboarder right? Because of the gay thing? That must be it, not the whole not being that good or marketable thing.
    Hmm time to go furiously search through facebook and screen cap surf industry peoples posts I don’t agree with. If i get more people fired that will just fix everything. Wont it?

  • eastsidenc

    These types of films exasperate the division between people’s personal preferences; it’s a shame. Honestly, the same type of media is why we’re still dealing with the level if racism that we see in the world today. The need for media to focus on what makes people different brings an unnecessary spotlight to a place where the shared focus, in our case as surfers, is peace and personal enjoyment. For me, along with most everyone else in the thread- who cares what your sexual preference is, we’re not going to be talking about it in the lineup. Just play by the rules in the lineup and everything is cool

  • mtklocal

    who cares a kook is a kook. shut up and surf

  • thadman

    this only makes the divide between homesexuals and straight people bigger.

  • MaMo

    Hey Joe, if you define surfing as ‘riding lumps of water in the ocean’ I agree, being gay or not has nothing to do with it. If you regard surfing as something of a culture with some kind of values, images, ideals etc. then it becomes important who is (and feels) accepted within that culture and who is not. Most important in such discussions is the view of the minority in question, not the nonchalance of the strong. A movie won’t change that, but makes aware of a problem that seems to be felt by quite a few fellow surfers.

  • WhoCares

    If you are really my friend then I don’t care that you are gay. I’ll hang out with you in and out of the water! I don’t go out in the water to talk with people about their girlfriends or boyfriends, I go out to surf. If you aren’t my friend out of the water, then I am probably not your friend in the water. Either way I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE GAY!!! Stop stuffing it don’t my throat! If you are gay and you can’t tell your real friends or your real friends don’t know, then get some new friends.

  • Center Line

    In the line up some people want to just think about finding they waves they want to catch and ride them, even when they’re sitting on their board and waiting, and nothing else. Some are content just being in the line up and socializing, and maybe catching a wave and talking about it and sharing the feeling with thier friends. The trailer seemed to display people talking about the hurtful side and difficulties of being gay. Most of the comments said,who cares. Most people are trying to be open minded and understanding. That’s what matters. Maybe the movie should have been named differently because it’s about people talking about being gay who just happen to be in a surfing environment and not about feelings of being in the line up, which involves more than people.

  • MaMo

    I totally agree, the line up is not the place for deep discussions on gayness, its the place to surf and forget about the rest. However, imagine you are out at the line up with a gay friend (if you don’t have one, imagine you do) and this friend tells you audibly for everyone else that he has met this amazing guy last night. Would you be embarrassed? Would you want everyone else to know that its him not you who is gay? And what would that say about your latent homophobia and indeed a latent homophobia in surf culture? Because I guess at some vernissage or fashion show or whatever noone would bat an eyelid.

  • ZYX

    Watching this… i can’t surf in peace, you know what i mean…

  • Center Line

    The more people talk in the line up, the more they are distracted from catching waves. I imagine dealing with derogitory remarks is one of the more hurtful things to deal with,which are usually a result of some one else on the same wave as you. And those offensive words against gay people don’t usually discriminate against any type of person. They are just negative and used out of anger. Dealing with people in general while in the line up is the problem. Too many people, not enough waves to go around. …acceptance…

  • Center Line

    Not making derogatory remarks in the line up would help whether geared towards gay people or not.
    As for a movie about being gay, it’s good get away from yourself being the center of everything and to understand how others feel. Aside from everything, we are fortunate to be able to go in the ocean.

  • Gorik

    Well, well…

    Guess, the “who cares” type of comments were the prejudiced ones that managed to get trough the “careful scrutiny” of the editor, oh and there’s that subtle “…knowing this I don’t feel safe”. Need some coffee there Ed?

    So, any other surf movies can “shove down your throats” all kind of irrelevant bullshit (sadly more bullshit than not) but this one is just too much bullshit for your sensitive souls!

    Open-minded, yeah right…

  • johnny love

    have surfed since I was a teenager in the 70s-80s and yeh there was no way I could of told my mates then I was gay but today my nephews have surf mates that are gay and it is accepted and looked at as not an problem but yeh it is sad that in todays world some people do still not accept it, those poor ignorant backward soles so if movie helps, great :)but hey when your out in the line up lets just be happy and share waves what we do on land is a different space, peace!

  • Marina Andriola

    It’s a stretch, but put yourself back in junior high and remember how bad you often felt, insecure that you didn’t fit in. You didn’t want to seem different, but you knew you were. Remember when you felt like you would never fit in. How you felt that the truth, if it came out, would get you ridiculed, hurt even. How ugly and mean other kids can be. Imagine that those feelings never go away. Never. That rejection comes when you least expect it. That people you thought were cool suddenly discover you are gay and act as if you’ve got an infectious disease. Imagine being constantly harassed and bullied. I’m a surfer and I’ve seen the homophobia. I raised 3 kids, and my oldest son is gay. People know that I am straight, but they don’t always know that I have a gay son. They tell me gay jokes, they say really horrendous things about gays. Gays are subject to so much hostility. Many young gay people commit suicide because they can’t handle the ridicule. It’s a problem. Please, please stop acting like it isn’t.

  • Unit 36

    Everything about surfing today is gay except actually standing on the board and riding it.

  • Unit 36

    Yeah, the lineup conversation should be full of butterflies and puppy dogs. Don’t ever yell at the kook making it dangerous out there. You might hurt their feelings. Gimme a break.

  • Unit 36

    This movie will bomb. It won’t even make its money back.
    People go surfing to get away from all this crap.
    Leave your politics, sexual orientation, and all your other bullshit on the beach where it belongs.
    If you talk that stuff in the lineup, don’t get mad when people tell you to shut the f*ck up or to go home. Lineups will always need regulators!!!

  • Unit 36

    No, I don’t remember any of that. Guess my parents gave me some self esteem.