Travers Adler // Rincon // 4:12

posted by / Video / February 9, 2012

Filmed by Morgan Maassen

Nobody surfs like this. Nobody.

This is why we love you, Mr. Adler.

Travis Adler

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  • Los Sydney

    this guy is the man

  • Pedro

    this makes me happy, it makes me want to go surfing.

  • the truth

    like the surfing…lots.

    on a side-note-
    please never use this song again.
    its more than horrible, it takes away from his surfing.

  • michael


  • yep

    Since when is completely spazzing out considered cool and original ?

  • Daktard

    Radical, Happy, my new favorite surfer

  • Eric

    The hands on the hip to salute send-off is the best part! Haha what a legend.

  • Rincon

    Surfer mag had this video too and it makes me so sad to see horrible surfing like this

  • Dana Quinn

    he’s the ozzie wright of pegging the leg

  • hellmonger

    oh ya sweet try too hard to look style’d out then speed up the footy. oh yeah super rad.

  • Jake

    Is this serious?
    Absolutely horrible.

  • Blizz

    Spazzing out became cool when it was paired with a parko-esque hack and a kerrupt kickout

  • Steve


    Looks like a complete wanker and can’t really complete a full turn. Must be running low on Vids. Or is this wat surfing Rincon with the crowds lead to.

  • Sabby

    Expressing yourself and having fun will always be cool. And real instruments are better for surf videos than dubstep.

  • Andrew

    I found that very entertaining! Nice lines kid…kinda like a modern day Derek Hynd. People are always gonna hate…soo it was no surprise to read some of those comments above…I bet Travis is having too much fun to even care though.

  • goodvibes

    rad style. seems pretty natural to me

  • Cavey

    I love how people get angry over a clip of a guy having fun. Isn’t that what surfing is supposed to be about? I’d much rather share the water with a guy like this than some idiot who freaks out and yells every time he doesn’t stomp some shitty air reverse. It’s nice to see a different perspective.

  • rikkky

    nobody? a bit of a stretch. i know a lot of people who surf like that…

  • zxcvb

    Somewhat resembles old school,no leash,straight line ,pelican postured,BLACK SUIT WHITE BOARD P.V style. Circa 1974-81………………………………………………….NICE.

  • Donald

    Trying hard to look like he’s not trying hard. Hispter surfing a perfect right point break. Complete fail…

  • Mike Anderson

    Ahh Surfing having fun what a concept…

  • Dwayne

    This man is better than Dave Reynolds or Juliean Wilson or any of those other five-to-the-beach kooks. Makes it look easy!

  • Patrick

    If the camera wasn’t there, I don’t feel he’d surf like that. We’re getting more emo here than fucking radcore. Just sayin…

  • Max

    Thats is how Travers surfs every day camera or no camera.

    This clip is amazing, we need more of this.

  • Sliding Sense

    Ahh….the new Jackhipsters are finally taking control…..

  • pol


    my god surfing is in the saddest state of affairs. good riddance.

  • g-flat

    wow. What fucking planet am i on?? That video was fucking terrible and nobody surfs like this for a reason. So sad to see people getting excited about this video. Pathetic attempt at being a cool wannabe Dane hipster. Puked in my mouth after watching this.

  • butt zitt

    thats how frodo would surf if frodo surfed, minus the weird trimming stance.

  • ball grease

    yeah dude, this guy blah blah… he’s not doing the air reverse repetition… he’s not good at all.

    he’s not pumping down the line for air reverses… blah blah blah

    its staged. he was paid.

  • johnnystone


  • manrique

    ofcourse it is better to see andy irons in the raw video but the surf is always fun no matter the style! but he rips too bunch of haters..

  • L

    Travers, you made me smile. Great mash up style of all the ages. When was the last time i laughed out loud watching a surf vid – 1.53. Really nice lip lines. Keep doing what you’re doing. Haters – you all need some new material.

  • Norcal

    Gotta love the Con. Travers is a dime a dozen there. At least the people are friendly! If not, it would be a clusterf… of everything that’s wrong with not having a pecking order! Groove on all you fun board lovers!

  • big cunt

    thats gay as hell

  • chessby

    #29 — exactly! current surfing is now 90% this:

    air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse……

    biiiiiiig f’n deal. the landings are usually sloppy anyway, especially compared to skateboarding and snowboarding (which surfing is now trying to emulate).

    At least the guy here uses the wave as a CANVAS and not simply a ramp

  • Lenny Pepperbottom

    That’s pretty NEAT!

  • yeah guy

    #34 – @CheeseBall – “At least the guy here uses the wave as a CANVAS and not simply a ramp”… easy there Chandler, that canvas line is as played out as this fools style, lets keep that crap in the 70s where it belongs.

  • Morgan

    Some of the worst surfing I have ever seen. I feel that this is the lowest point in surfing these days, not that someone surfs like this, but that this video has been posted as something for people worth watching.
    This is the net effect of what started with Rob Machado growing his hair long to Dane quitting the tour.
    If we keep giving the hipster surfing movement our time, then we can continue to expect the best surfers in the world to get confused and focus their time on stick drawings for a towel line.

  • chessby

    #36 — not sure what you mean. drawing lines on a wave isn’t “in” anymore? only aerials are worthwhile now?

  • yeah guy

    #38 – @Cheeseballer – Yes, I am correct, drawing lines is no longer “in”… have you seen any of the other clips on this site? Are you watching any of the Quik contest right now? When is the last time you looked at a magazine? Again, three to beach will get you no where in life. Airs, my friend, airs are the new ‘lines’. Get with the times, even this jerky in the above clip is trying to throw in a few airs for good measure. I can watch morons ‘draw lines’ like the surfing in the above clip all day down at my local spot… I want to see things I can’t see everyday.

  • chessby

    #40 @jackass — if u want to see/do airs, move over to skating and snowboarding. In those sports you take to the air because the surface you work off of — concrete and snow — doesn’t move. It’s static. A wave, in contrast, is dynamic, always moving. For many surfers (and surf watchers), the wave is more “beautiful” than the surfer himself. So regardless of your moronic opinion (and tone), the wave will always be better as a canvas, not a ramp. It’s intrinsic to surfing.

    Ironically, skating started as the poor man’s version of surfing, done by those w/ no access to waves. Then they started doing aerials, because well, what else was there to do? Now surfers are looking over to skating – and its aerials – with a jealous eye, forgetting that they still have the WAVES that make surfing what it is in the first place.

  • yeah guy

    #41 @Mr. Wizard – Holy smokes, waves move? Next you’re going to tell me that snow melts… wait…. no, that would mean that it is dynamic. Well done.

    Which would you consider yourself? A ‘surfer’? or a ‘surf watcher’? My very jackassique guess is that you are a ‘surf watcher’? Am I right? (However, I imagine that your reply with consist of ‘I am both a teacher and a student’ BS) So if I understand you correctly, skating developed because of surfing, but surfers now have a ‘jealous eye’, while forgetting that they have a dynamic wave, therefore trying to copy something that they ultimately and subconsciously created? Good call, tomorrow morning when I am drawing lines for the ‘surf watchers’, I’ll throw in a couple backside smith grinds for them to watch at. Pretty heavy ‘chicken or the egg’ crap for a Jackass like me to understand.

    And thanks for the history lesson, but I have seen Lords of Dog Town. BTW, what year are you living in? When is last time you looked at a Skateboard Magazine? Let’s live in the now, bro.

  • tx surf

    if someone thinks airs are all surfing is then they are SERIOUSLY confused. surfing started as people gliding on the surface of waves for pure bliss. Carves and riding along the surface of the water are still top of the line… if u only do airs then your not a surfer…

    oh and love the elevator music mixed in with a guy having a blast on a fun lil day

  • yeah guy

    41. & 43. – How confused? SERIOUSLY confused.

    Amazing… why don’t you two soul surfers glide on over to i think that site will better cater to your narrow mindedness.

  • Ian

    Finally…someone enjoying what was only ever meant to be fun in the first place. Those of you who don’t like this are probably the ones having a miserable life and, most likely, a miserable surf experience every time, too (not to mention spoiling it for the rest of us who would love to share waves with someone like). Go figure. This was a breath of fresh air.