Twig // A Calculated Madness // 12:49

posted by / Video / December 18, 2013

Last summer, Derek Dunfee boarded a plane to South Africa. 40 hours later, when he touched down in Cape Town, Derek learned that his place to stay had fallen through. So he called the only other Zaffa he knew, Grant “Twiggy” Baker. Twiggy immediately set him up and the trip morphed into one of the best of Derek’s life. He detailed the adventure in a story called African Fortnight, which you can read in SURFING Magazine’s Big Wave Issue.

Twig: A Calculated Madness is Derek’s ode to the host. It shows Twiggy chasing waves around his homeland. The short film culminates with the biggest day of the year at Dungeons, for a session in which Twig rules — in a way as mad as it is methodical.

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6 Responses to “Twig // A Calculated Madness // 12:49”

  1. ItsOnlyAParkinglotWang says:

    This is one hombre that needs a wheelbarrow to tow his sack around in.
    Bravo Twig and to DD for the great clips nice edit …

  2. Beary says:

    Good video, could have done without the super pretentious intro however.

  3. gern blanston says:

    pretentious? truth must hurt because there is a separation in what surfers are willing to tackle.

  4. Happywiththebathtub says:

    Great intro and even better edit. Keep up the good work boys.

  5. Christopher says:

    How did that word pretentious even come into this video? Beary, wannabees will always be wannabees, maybe blame your Mother, but personally I would blame oneself. Can you send us a photo of you riding a 25+ foot wave? Whats a bet you cannot, Only then can you pretend to be pretentious.

  6. Christopher says:

    I cannot wait till my daughters go back to school. I drop them off, and I turn right and go straight to the beach! Holidays Suck!

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