Us vs Them | Voting Begins

posted by / Video / November 18, 2009


Cast your vote today, surf the Telo Islands on us.

Below you’ll find all the videos in our series on U.S. Vs. Them. It appears to have went down on a 5-star luxury hideaway with perfect waves to match. We’ll assume you want to be going. So watch the footage below, pick your jaw up off the floor, and cast a vote. To do otherwise would be downright un-patriotic.


Best Wave
Best Aerial
Best Maneuver
Best Team

And the nominees are…







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  • chris smith

    laura charges

  • LG

    Garret, Owen and laura smoked all of them

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  • America F–K YEAH!

    This trip was a super sick idea, but we should have matched up the teams better.
    All the American surfers rip, but Owen is a man surfing against groms. It’s tough to win like that.
    He’s a freak though. Some of the best surfing I’ve ever seen!

  • P.

    i believe australia may have got the win.

    Owen is going to win everything.

  • P.

    Owen still has another year on the jnr series, don’t let his figure put you off

  • http://surfingthemag NH

    Owen Wright will be top ten at least next season

  • live in Australia

    I can’t wait for the next season to see how Owen Wright would perform. I am rooting for him to win the next surfing competition. We are going to beat the U.S.

  • TW

    Far out wat amazing waves they had for the trip. AUST won it hands down. with Owen Wright in the AUST corner we are never going to loose. That kid has it all Barrells, Air, and crazy turns. WOW

  • Yank

    Wheres all the support for the Americans? Obviously the ozzies are only leading the voting because all their mates back home have nothing better to do than go and vote on some website, get jobs! Watch the videos again and honestly vote on who you think won without such bias. I mean cmon how is laura beating alana, and how are both of them beating the all the other boys?

  • Mark Graham

    What an amazing place to surf ….not to mention promoting friendly rivalry between two great sporting Countries and showcasing the incredible ability and future potential of a group of outstanding sportsmen and women. Great coverage great footage and GREAT WAVES.

  • mic

    Sorry yanks you can vote all day if you want,
    I grew up in S.D. and on Oahu and current live happy n Indo.
    However Owen just flat smoked everybody singel handedly.
    Full stop end of story.

  • chris enever

    up the aussies

  • http://n/a quinni

    im british so my vote with have to go to my aussie conterparts sorry usa x

  • tokenvictorian

    australia wins hands down. “yank”, australia gets the votes despite nearly 90% of Surfing Magazines readers being based in America. that says something in my book.

  • http://no bill

    owen wright. Amazing.

  • biu

    aus suck go america