Video: The Conner Parker Story

posted by / Video / June 3, 2014

Conner and Parker Coffin are two of America’s best young surfers. They are two of our brightest hopes for tomorrow and, more importantly, two of the most fun to watch today. Conner, 20-years-old, surfs with more power than an ancient monarch and is all set to kick down the WCT’s door with that lead-foot of his. Parker, 18-years-old, is a little firecracker in and above the lip and has enough competitive savvy to follow his elder straight to the promised land. This video tells their story in four minutes or less, and its seamlessly stitched together with surf clips that speak for themselves.

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  • bobbyjean

    Get conner on tour ASAP

  • john Smith

    forgot to mention out parents are really rich and drove us to the beach everyday and got us CI boards to learn on…

  • PizzaDaHut

    haha! that’s pretty much what I was going to say

  • Balls lickem

    Haters gonna hate…….even if you had their resources you wouldn’t surf that good….it’s called talent kook

  • john Smith

    highly doubtful, you probably suck at surfing so stop talking. The unspoken truth about most young professional in Southern California is they have tons of money and are given the opportunity by their parents to be home schooled and sit on the beach all day and become professionals. Come on, if you have not figured that out you are blind. This was not occurring 10 years ago, not even 5. The Coffins brothers are talented surfer, I’m just pointing out what no one ever talks about. It disgust me how many kids are surfing at 10am during the school year because they have stickers on their boards; they are missing out on crucial development skills with normal interactions with kids their own age-not painters or construction workers…

  • Shaka’s to the Coffin bro’s

    Well shit, everyone has a passion. You have to live what you love – as cheesy as it sounds – and if their parents saw that their kids had so much potential at such a young age why not give them the opportunity to develop it? I know hundreds of people that went to school, went to college or university and then got a job that makes them push the snooze button when they wake up in the morning. You spend majority of your life doing your job, so if it’s not one that you love you’ll waste this beautiful life that you were blessed with. They’re not wasting theirs.

  • Boomer Pjs

    You forgot to mention the house on the beach on the north shore of Oahu. Surprised they’re not bigger a-holes actually, because they really have had every advantage a young surfer could ask for. Karma is a funny thing though. Both of them are midgets!