Video: Pro Surfers VS GMOs

posted by / Video / March 13, 2014


Genetically modified organisms — or GMOs, as they’re not so affectionately known — are a hot topic right now, especially in Hawaii. The idea behind GMOs is to provide large amounts of food to large amounts of people. Honest ambition, sure, but there’s more to it than that. Turns out that the chemically-drenched process of GMOs can destroy the land, destroy the reef and in some cases, destroy the human spirit. Kyle Thiermann and Surfing For Change ventured to GMO ground zero in Hawaii this past fall, returning with this mini-documentary. Consider it today’s lesson.

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  • North Shore Paddle

    Much more complicated than portrayed in this clip.

  • southie

    while we live in a place and time where most of our health problems result from too much food, you don’t have to go far (or far back in time) to see that nothing will destroy (has destroyed) the human spirit like mass starvation.

  • steve

    the problem is not having an insufficient food source its having to many people to feed. This is the cause of many problems we face on earth. If we don’t regulate it nature will sooner or later. Front runner is climate change at the moment. Only my opinion. we have already wrecked parts of the environment with monoculture where only one species grows. But that’s not enough now we want to change the genetics of the moncultured food and hence change nature itself. Obviously this is a stupid idea as we are part of nature