Video: Out On Set In The Caribbean

posted by / Video / April 2, 2014

If you’ve been paying attention to our magazine or website this month you already know we went to the Caribbean twice this winter. Unfortunately, due to the last minute nature of chasing swell in the Lesser Antilles, we were only able to bring SURFING videographer Sean Benik along on our second trip. Combined, both outings can be seen in our May issue and in last week’s Monday Photos.

Here, Luke Davis and Michael Dunphy explore a remote corner of an inconsistent and seldom surfed island during Trip #2, and discuss the difficulty involved in scoring surf in the West Indies.

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  • jonny
  • is power surfing dead?

    the pipeline section in Volcom’s “True to This” is a refreshing opposition to this twitchy, spazzy light footed surfing. i just can’t get behind these emaciated kids flicking tail.

  • ShabbaShabbaRanks

    I mean surfing is an art form whether youre standing in grinding barrels or breakdancing on soft lipped beauties. Just because they chose to go somewhere desolate, surf with no one out, and dismantle each set with flawless fins free hacks and gouges doesnt mean its not surfing. To each their own but at least some people have depth and variety in what they define surfing as.

  • Errol

    …hey,dis is truly wicked man! To see some kids other than Gary & Carl surfing our island’s waves…dem boys were crazy, all they would do is slide on dem waves man…we see em many times for 7 and more hours…all day I tell you! If you read dis Froza and Garbaldo, hello from your friend Errol!! Your house needs repairs! Last week we see big big swells by your house you know! Come back and slide!

    Ok, alright, we catch up,


  • Tom

    Hi guys,

    I just was sent the link to this video regarding this island, pretty cool!

    What memories: I was lucky to have spent time on this island back in the 80’s. I was in school there until the hurricane hit in 1989, ‘Hugo’ I believe was the name. I learned to surf becuase of these guys, such nice guys to hangout with.

    I met the 2 surfer guys, Carrll and Gary, and became real good friends with them. They were the only 2 surfers on the island for over 10 years. Even to this day, I don’t think there are any surfres on the isle.

    Those guys were always surfing it seemed, their car always had boards on, and the kids in the villages would shout out their names as the sped thru…they were like rock stars…they surfed everywhere, even towed into waves with an aluminum boat, before tow-ins where even known!

    The family lived there for many years, then moved to Maui. Gary became a composer and Carrll a photographer and writer I believe.

    Those guys should get credit for introducing the sport of surfing on the island without argument, but will they disclose it is the question!!(?) There should be recognized somewhere, somehow.

    Thanks for the eye candy Surfing Mag, that was cool. But Carrll has hours of video and tons of photos that are outstanding.

    Carrll, you should write a story about the island, but PLEASE don’t let it out of the box!!!! Then again, you need to live there to score perfection! Shout out to you guys! it will never be the same as when you guys owned it!!!

    Be well, Tomas