Video: Standard Practice

posted by / Video / January 29, 2014

Consider it a favor. We took a good hard look at modern surfing, stared at it until our eyes became bloodshot. We looked at John John, we looked at Dane, we looked at Kelly, Jordy, Julian and even Jay Davies. From Balaram Stack to Bede Durbridge, Dion Agius to Daniel Ross, we literally skimmed through all the best clips from 2013. We asked, borrowed then stocked those clips and threw them all into a super edit. Above, you can see the state of modern surfing in five minutes or less. This is the standard today. This is what needs to be beaten tomorrow. And this will get you fired up to go surfing.

You’re welcome.

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  • Thomas

    Wow I can recall every clip except that doughnut air at the end. Just amazing, yet another breakfast went cold watching this video. Great work guys! O the OB guy
    Barrel got me laughing cause I almost crashed in the sand dunes on 1 watching some guy get the exact same barrel only more Hawaiian like color! See ya

  • hateorade

    great edit, too bad you had to put that alladin music to it

  • dick swinggin

    haterade rather see ‘a lad in oil’ get it duuuhh

  • Lance

    Great clip I see Dane at Rincon almost on a daily baisis along with 1000 of his friends. what gets me fired up are clips of perfect point breaks with no one on them. Occasionally I get Rincon head high with 20 people out and those moments are short lived as people then to call their friends and so on. State of modern surfing is solid and great to see the board designs help keep the sport progressing.

  • Tim

    What’s music playing in clip? Amazing!