Video Teaser: Electric Blue Heaven // 0:54

posted by / Video / June 12, 2012

Is that a wave pool? Wait, it’s in Dubai? Dion Agius and Joe G. traveled half way around the world to the United Arab Emirates and dialed in a brand new wave pool. Dion ticked off every trick in the book. See the full story in our August Issue feature titled Electric Blue Heaven.

Full video premiere playing right here on coming June 18. We’ll see you there. Or here.

Dion Agius

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  • ben

    f this place…. it’s in Dubai! i’ll take a trip to indo any day over that sh-t hole of the world!

  • Mik

    I don’t think they’ll miss u, “ben.” but hey, thanks for keeping the “Ugly” in “American”.

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  • Mary

    I was watching this cool looking teaser when I was offended by the babes in low grade lingerie and ridiculously unfashionable eye make up who appear to serve no other function than to glorify the male surfers in the foreground. Thanks for exploiting women’s sexuality in the surfing world just like the rest of the industry, rather than featuring some inspiring female surfers that epitomize the cool factor of the sport. I’m no feminist, but this teaser completely disappoints as a result of this content.

  • Darwin

    Aside from the exploitation of women’s sexuality, I’m sure they appreciate the crucifix advertisement on the boards there in Dubai as well. Keep it classy Christian surfers.

  • the dot dot com

    women… voluntarily show their sexuality because that’s nature. natural selection. evolution and origin of the species… it will never go away. Jealousy on the other hand… is especially regrettable. Women aren’t exploited. Women choose to be the way they are and we are ALL the BETTER for it… Women… keep doing what you do… because men, love your sexy way and we’ll keep reproducing because of you.

  • Mik

    that “Crusades” motif kinda kills the fun for me… it made no sense in the 12th century, and it makes even less sense now. add in a flock of world class bouncing bimbos, thrown in the face of a country that prefers its women wrapped in tents, and i’m left with the opinion that the marketing genius/tool behind this has sniffed the bath-salts a bit too hard.

    the wave, and the surfing sparkle, however… and no one has eaten the face off anyone…

    so never-mind the oppression of the indigenous population; let’s surf on, brother, surf on.

    i guess:

  • mel

    Dion is a wanker. Dubai is worse that North Korea. To hell with the US.