Volcom’s Strange Brains: Episode 6, Parker Coffin // 4:31

posted by / Video / April 2, 2013

The teen brain isn’t broken — it’s not a defective adult brain

“Parker’s the new Cory Lopez!” –Jimmicane

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  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    the dudes who founded volcom smelled the money and recently sold volcom to a french company (PPR). PPR owns (yves st lsurent- a fashion company aimed at women). Ppr also owns gucci- a company who makes high end purses and clothes for women. They pulled a good joke on the surf community when they sold out to ‘PPR’. Good luck on your next volcom purse, oops, I mean purchase.

  • John

    That comment was profoundly shallow (excuse the oxymoron).

  • paulo

    it certainly will not be a cory lopez