Volcom Stone Presents: BS!

posted by / Video / July 29, 2014

Which would you rather hear the good news or the great news first? We’ll start with the good: Volcom Stone just released their BS! movie in full. The flick is from 2009 and stars Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn, Alex Gray, Ozzie Wright, Nate Tyler and Andrew Doheny. Isn’t it nice to see them so young, so loose and so free (of knee injury)? You’re right, it is. On to the great news: Volcom will be releasing one of their old classics every Tuesday up until August 26th, when the new movie Veeco drops.

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  • freerider

    B.S!– I believe that’s what a lot of “The Youth” were saying– and are saying– since Richard Wolcott sold Volcom to -Kering- (Caring)–“The Establishment”. Volcom is now owned by–and now is– “The Establishment”.

  • Jeff

    Great vid. The last section shits on most footage released since

  • MV

    Kerring is an operating company that essentially is like a massive new line credit for these companies that get bought up. they maintain the brand, while giving the brand access to more money and resources to potentially tap new markets and make shitloads of money. something you and I haven’t the slightest clue about. big, BIG money. furthermore, you speak about French women’s fashion with such contempt, its almost like you’re into chicks cloths or something. Volcom’s product is still Volcom, and Gucci shit’s still Gucci.

    BY THE WAY, who are you to say whats right or wrong for anyone else? that doesnt sound very “free” to me; shouldn’t you be not caring about surfing websites and companies being such a freerider.. go drift into the sunset puka shell soul surfer kook

  • freerider

    Maintain the brand?– Volcom built it’s brand on the “Youth against Establishment” motto. Then Volcom slapped the kids–youth– in the face and sold Volcom to the very people they were against. Volcom is now “owned by” and now is– “The Establishment”. They just recently dropped the “Youth against Establishment motto because it is so hypocritical now. You can’t be against the Establishment–when you now are– “The Establishment” . When Volcom first sold out to Kering (Caring) –kids–Youth– were putting their Volcom tees in the fire-pits at the beach and burning them. Its pretty hard to fool the Youth–they usually know a sell-out when they see one. So good luck with your next Volcom purse–oops–I mean purchase. Peace….

  • freerider

    You don’t need Volcom- Kering-(Caring)-junk to catch and ride your own waves.–Just GoSurfAlready!!!