Volcom Stone Presents: Creepy Fingers

posted by / Video / August 6, 2014

Volcom Stone just humbly and generously just released their film Creepy Fingers to the world wide web. And wow. This masterpiece is from the 2006 and is trippy, psychedelic, Gavin Bescheny and generally fantastic. You can never, ever go wrong when great surfing is cued up to great music. The Bruce Irons section starts around the 38:20 mark and if it doesn’t give you goosebumps, you might not have a soul. That much talent mixed with that much style is simply absurd.

Just a reminder: Volcom is releasing one movie per week up until August 26th, when a brand new film called Veeco drops.

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  • truth

    i wish more people made movies like this. hate that indie shit.

  • freerider

    Dudes at Surfing Mag–I keep telling you–Volcom is not Volcom anymore–Richard Wolcott sold Volcom to Kering (Caring)–(The Establishment) a few years back.. No matter how many surf flicks they show free– Volcom– is now owned by–and now is–The Establishment.. You don’t really need the surf industry or their products–just–GoSurfAlready………

  • J L Shaka Brah

    Agreed man, surf enjoyed a fashion wave to me these last years, and got hitten real hard by the so called “crisis”. Just show how fake is this industry. It’s lovely people try to make money out of it, but it ain’t the spirit. Take your board and your wax as you just said, that’s the way! Long live surfing!

  • Vicente Fictício Cruz

    480p! thats nasty!

  • Joe

    Bruce’s section rips! Style for daysssssss!!