Volcom Team // #GoSurfAlready // 4:07

posted by / Video / July 28, 2014

#GoSurfAlready. But first, watch this. The Volcom team — Andrew Doheny, Carlos Muñoz, Parker Coffin, Zeke Lau, Dusty Payne, Alex Gray and Balaram Stack — lead by example in this edit. The tit-for-tat battle between Balaram and Carlos in Puerto Rico starts at 2:47 and is not worth missing.

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  • freerider

    Volcom team? Shouldn’t that be the Kering– (Caring)– Gucci team?

  • Jim John

    Von Zipper, Element, KUSTOM, X-cell, Sector 9, RVCA, NIXON: all owned by TPG Private Equity Firm. Just one firms lineup. Ya Volcom is Gucci, so are all the other lame brands we wear. Whatever surfing I still love you

  • freerider

    You can still love surfing– without supporting the so called lame brands