Volcom’s Strange Brains: Episode 9, Dusty Payne // 4:32

posted by / Video / July 2, 2013

The last in a series ends with a bang — a near 4th of July bang

Let’s savor these last 4 minutes or so

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  • rusty

    see ya on the ‘qs next year, dusty.

  • tony (ty) carson

    Just a reminder- volcom is no longer volcom. The dudes who founded Volcom, smelled the money recently, and sold Volcom to “PPR”
    (a French women’s fashion company) for 600 million. “PPR” also owns Gucci,(which makes high end purses for women), and now they own Volcom. So good luck every one with your next Volcom purse, oops, I mean purchase.