WAR(d) Stories: Drive Through // 20:12

posted by / Video / August 17, 2012

Where’s Wardo? He’s driving across the outback — Syndey to Perth, just to see how it feels.

Mason Ho hosts the show when Chris goes MIA


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4 Responses to “WAR(d) Stories: Drive Through // 20:12”

  1. Pal falzon says:

    Imagine an A grade wave tour
    - The BOX
    -G land
    -Mex pipe
    -Anchor point

  2. mike says:

    lovin these ward stories, lost movies are the best. no BS like a lot of todays new movies with weird disco soundtracks and songs that will not stand the test of time. complete with “Artsy” themes and young dudes ramping out again and again. good to see something with some soul again, hope they put it on DVD

  3. Tim says:

    Best surfing short I’ve seen in awhile. Pure entertainment!

  4. Ben says:

    Mason Ho rips! I am super impressed with his tube riding, especially his fade-into-the-tube takeoffs.

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