WAR(d) Stories: Formative Years // 6:25

posted by / Video / July 20, 2012

Part II. During Chris’ teenage years, the same rules didn’t seem to apply.

Ward ran wild in the streets until reality set in — he found himself the sole provider for two families

Chris Ward Stories

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8 Responses to “WAR(d) Stories: Formative Years // 6:25”

  1. G says:

    Definitely very entertaining. Probably get picked up by Showtime…
    Chris Ward hangin’ with Hank Moody.

  2. no vaseline, just my hand says:

    shame he had no guidance.. reminds me of the andino, archbold lineage, amazing SUPERNATURAL talent and ZERO GUIDANCE

    today’s youth are almost too pampered, this is very raw.

  3. rad man says:

    This is so good. Kinda wish they did a DVD though, but still. Thanks for this.

  4. 92007 says:

    Hes just so damm good,,,

  5. miker says:

    send address to joseph@lostinternational.net and he’ll put u on the list for a free dvd if he ever makes one.

  6. Movie of the Year says:

    Start the voting now for Surfer Polls Movie of the year………

  7. Wardoh says:

    Doesnt Chris Wardo beat up girls…….Mammoth Mtn SoCal–a few yeas back?
    Weak to beat up wahine…..

  8. Horse says:

    He’s a fucking legend, but also a real person. Fuck Slater’s bullshit.

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