WAR(d) Stories: International Man of Mystery // 18:03

posted by / Video / August 24, 2012

He’s got a magnetic attraction on women from all over the world

“His chick is his chick, but your chick is also, his chick”


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  • Chongo

    Yea… the “Stories” are a little on the light side. Where’s the beef?

  • Pauly Boy

    WAR (D) Stories is pretty sick…stoked to watch. Wardo is an amazing surfer and an unbelievable barrel rider. His character is just a bonus.

  • Adam

    wish there was actually more stories in these vids. The surfing is nuts, but everytime they ask another pro for a story they all go “oh, I dont know if I can talk about it.” Which probably means they are some gnarly stories. LETS HEAR EM!

  • Norcal

    Reminds me of things…good things. Bad things…

  • IsoceleseTriangle

    yeah muck, more story telling by all the boy’s is the go and there have been some priceless ones. we all know his surfing is insane, and can never get enough A+ clips him to watch, but the other shit is pure gold. this was the first one i actually fast forwarded through the surfing ( but just a little bit ) to get to the verbal nuggets. minor detail all considered for whats on offer and hat’s off to you for an excellent, highly entertaining and ofttimes revealing series on surfings truly most inetesting person- can’t wait for the next one to drop …

  • martin baltodano

    ward for president.

  • Jim Dandy

    Good to see a surfer getting props for being more than just a content machine. Bringing some character back to the game. But yeah – let’s hear the stories!!!