WAR(d) Stories: Talk #2 // 14:38

posted by / Video / September 28, 2012

Cactus, Hurricanes and Coast Guards. But don’t worry, Chris always has a solution.

“We can jump it.”–Chris Ward

WAR(d) Stories: Talk #2

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  • jan key

    why the love affair with this seppo… does he give good head??

  • Lucifer

    Wow what a great guy. Seems like a really good person.

  • Wyatt

    When non-surfers mock the way we talk – our diction, our anti-grammar, our Spicolli-isms – I occasionally step to our defense.

    Then I see something like this.

    The funniest episode of War(d) stories will surely be 20 years from now, when he’s shirtless in the T-Street parking lot, bumming smokes and boring all within earshot with retold tale #397 of “something super epic.”

  • shocker

    not getting this series… pointless fanfare.

  • Trevor

    These clips remind me I love surfing but I hate surfers.

  • brandon

    Well put Trevor. It’s comical how in every episode people refer to Ward as “sooo gnarly.” Reality is, the guy has the IQ of an eight year old (which apparently is twice the IQ of Mason Ho). Ward should thank his lucky stars he rips.

  • masniffur

    best part was him blowing out his window and driving 12 hrs….if it was a rental you know he would have kicked out the windshield…..”why’d you make me do it”….haha

  • John

    Way to promote raging alcoholism. Did you not learn anything from Andy Iron’s death?

  • War-DOH

    Why does this video section not work? Just because I was instruMENTAL in the creation of all this–F*UCK guys get it together!!!

  • Jason Miller


    The video’s permissions have allowed it to only be embedded and played on a few selected websites, surfingmagazine.com being one of them.

  • War-DOH

    Then why cant I watch the video then on surfingmagazine.com?
    What other site would I be accessing this from?
    Duh says War-Doh.

  • War-DOH

    OK, so War-Doh goes to STAB mag.com—hoping that they have their $hit together unlike surfingmagazine—to no avail. WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE?

  • War-DOH

    Hey Miller, I’ve tried to access the vid from multiple websites—even directly from the lost website—WHERE IT DOESNT SHOW UP EVEN! Why did they take it down? Are they even embarassed of the bit they produced? I’m going on record as THE REAL War-DOH and I want mu VIDEO reposted!
    All the other Ward stories are available for my fu*cking fans to enjoy…..why have these been pulled!?!!?
    You guys suck cocks-n-dix!