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posted by / Video / July 11, 2012

For Immediate release: WARd STORIES -The Mini Series launches globally Friday, July 13th 2012 on exclusive websites via lost.tv

“Airplanes are his nightclubs, layovers are his after-parties and cars are his bars.”
From grom phenom and video sensation, to the leading free surfer of his generation, to a stint as a World Tour competitor… tall tales of radical, rowdy and ridiculous exploits have followed Chris Ward.

-He accrues ASP fines faster than prize money.
-He once missed the same heat…Twice
-He once showed up to a contest on time…just to see how it feels.
-He once stayed in at night….just to see how it feels.
He IS “The Most Interesting Surfer in the World”
Featuring footage gathered over an entire career, with candid interviews and testimonials of tumultuous turmoil. Through the eyes of the dozens people who “know” him best, we will attempt to unravel the myth, the mystery, the misery, the highs and the lows wherever Chris goes…

WARd STORIES -The Mini Series: Debuts globally on Friday, July 13th and will continue until every “Tall Yet True Tale” is told…or until he goes full Charley Sheen on us.

It’s brought to you by…Lost (and it’s non-fic-tion)

War(d) Stories Teaser

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  • Chonog

    Oh the honesty is very refreshing.

  • calif


  • shorepound

    can’t wait.

  • Adam

    Been wating for this for some time. Where is it premiering? On the website?

  • notafan

    I’m glad that tool isn’t on tour anymore. Yeah he is a great free-surfer but he comes across as a complete tool after some of the things he’s done in the past that has landed him in hot water. He has his work cut out if he wants to re-qualify anyways given the talent that is on the tour.. I bet at age 50 nobody will care about this guy anymore and his party hard lifestyle isn’t going to make his retirement an easy one.

  • miker

    nostafan – i can respect your points but i doubt you really know him if that is your view of him. he has been working his butt off to change his life. this movie will address everything including the Mammoth Incident (he received a $200 misdemeanor fine and some community service hours after the real facts were uncovered) and what he is doing to change his life. p.s. how many people do you know that have basically given more than half of anything he has ever made since age 15 to support a father going in and out of remission with brain cancer?

  • Ivyleague.surf

    I’m in complete agreeance with Miker. This guy has raw, God given talent, and no doubt with his recent turnaround, we will see some untapped abilities surface. He’s older, wiser, yet young enough to still explode and reign in that loose cannon we’ve seen in the past. Sure, we can all speculate on a few poorly written, largely innacurate articles written about his personal life, however at the end of the day, the guy is a competent,athletic prodigy…

  • WHY

    give me break reola, this is you trying to put a shine on a old shoe.
    Stop marketing a liability or else it will reflect on you as it has on the sport or surfing and the community that he lives in.
    Go find the next wardo, its time, and its run its course

  • miker

    i understand your points mr.WHY whoever this is. Mason Ho is the main rider now. i think that much is clear. it’s hard to put the horse out to slaughter when you’ve known him and his family that he is still supporting, for 20 years – and when there is still magic in his surfing in certain waves that very few in the world can touch – and when he can still grab any board model and be the best Test Pilot. i believe you don’t abandon your family. i think the surf companies should try a little harder not to abandon theirs. i just cannot do it. i like to think that loyalty is rewarded. that loyalty and second chances are more revered than throwing more money at every hot young kid. i know he has not done our company’s image any favors with some of the antics. the shoe is still the shoe – shine or not. but there is nothing wrong with putting the best foot forward – so long as you give him a chance to answer his detractors – which I am going to try my best to make happen in this series. and maybe he will surprise some people in the long run – cuz if you know him – you know there is a really good person in there.

  • martin baltodano

    w<ardo for president,notafan is a f$%&king kook!