WAR(d) Stories: The Search // 10:15

posted by / Video / August 3, 2012

Episode by Joe Alani

Wardo and Tom Curren’s search for waves have circumnavigated the globe, yet a score in their backyard tastes a little bit sweeter

They trade tubes like day traders — accumulating a handsome stock for their portfolio

The Search

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  • William

    This ain’t Wardos Backyard. Fuck Wardo for driving in like that, pissing off the state parks burning it for all the real locals, and a big FUCK Wardo for Burning people in their own backyard. No respect self entitled piece of shit. Surfing mag probably won’t publish a real opinion on peoples actions. No excuses for pro surfers. We don’t give a fuck if you make a living off of our culture, the same rules still apply. This is how the real surf community feels. We don’t give a fuck about the corporate pro surf circle jerk.

  • ur a kook

    FU barney, just for that remark im bringing 50 of my buddies from San Clemente to surf XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX. You r a chicken shit. If u have beef with ward, tell him to his face and u can box like real men. waxing windows is coward. real locals my ass

  • Richard SC local

    I agree with William. Surfers have given our sport a bad reputation. It still very much upsets me that surfers broke the rules and surfed Trestles in the 60s when there was clearly a law against it. If surfers followed the rules, we as a tribe would be more accepted by the mainstream. If the pros like Wardo break the rules – what is that telling the rest of us?

  • the dude


  • William

    It’s about respect, you don’t show up to a spot, let alone somewhere like this that is rare and special to the people that have lived here their whole lives and just start burning and disrespecting people. He pissed so many people off, simple rules of etiquette should apply to all surfers. Maybe I’ll show up at t-street and start burning the locals, fuck rules right???

  • Drew

    i got burned by wardo the other day sickest thing i have ever seen

  • William

    Drew then your a fucking kook. We see good surfing all the time from all the guys up here. No one burns each other, from Dane to the Currans, we all know each other and everyone shows respect. If your stoked on getting burned by Wardo, well that just says something about yourself and the shitty surf culture that is San Clemente. If you love being disrespected and burned by pro surfers I guess it would be pretty rad to live down there. Glad your stoked Drew

  • Adam

    hahah they censored the spot’s name in “ur a cook’s” response. Smart move

  • ur a kook

    please come to t street (worst wave ever), burn me (i dont surf there, its that bad) and when we have beef, i’ll call u out and we can settle it face to face. I’m not going to sneak around wax ur windows and then run and hide like u chicken shits, passive aggressive girls is what u r

  • ur a kook

    no-one burns each other!!!!???? really?

    have u ever surfed RINCON???

    kook ball retard

  • the truth

    wardo is over.. what is this crap… of yester year.. he is no longer flexible and lacks innovation.

  • ur a kook

    the truth doesnt c wardo surf much huh, #1 padang padang beeotch