Wardo & Matt King // Here Today… Gone To Cabo // 16:48

posted by / Video / September 26, 2013

In the final episode of Here Today… Gone To Cabo, meteorologist Matt King wagers a frisky Franklin on a substantial tropical swell thumping into Mex. And the gambling man was spot on — a heavy beachbreak comes alive shortly thereafter. Wardo and Kinger share perfect tubes in Cabo before chasing the swell up the coast. In the next scene, the duo scores pointbreak perfection. So perfect, in fact, that it’s almost enough to make you want to quit your job, buy a dog, find a degenerate friend and aimlessly wander Mexico until further notice. Thanks for evoking feelings once again, …Lost. Beyond the 9:40 mark, the clips transforms into a B-roll montage that will leave you in stitches or, in Wardo fashion, a messy clump of duct tape and bandages.

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  • Ben

    So good. I could watch these all day.

  • know it all

    somebody needs to sponsor this kinger guy already and shake things up a bit in the industry. dude can surf and knows how the game is played. closest thing we have to a joker/misfit/wildcard is matt wilko and while his backside is incredible his antics are not funny except to maybe his pommie entourage.

  • Spaulding

    dirty and greazy.
    but in a totally good way…

  • mike doheny

    So classic! For everyone who has ever gotten stupid in Baja!

  • dannyboy

    what was king saying about shane stoneman and corey lopez

  • craiger

    matt gets the deepest barrel of the whole video series stoked for him…. hope someone got a different angle of it….u can see him claim it to ward and then to the boat and they all stand up. Its at 6:55. Ya Kinger