Warren Smith // Signature Series // 1:28

posted by / Video / November 13, 2012

Warren Smith’s ‘Church’ short — available in Australia now and coming to the USA in Summer 2013

It’s love at first sight

Warren Smith

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  • dgb

    Shit song. Shit shorts. Shit ad. How much did this ad cost the people at (lack of) Insight? Or are surfing so hard up for content you just go with what ever shit comes across the desk? Keep up this and you’ll be able to hold hands with the pretty people at stab and talk hem lengths and stitching.

  • Andrew

    …yeah I’m definitely not impressed nor entertained by this crap either.There are much better and far more entertaining surfers out there that companies/magazines could be wasting their money on.

  • florida

    i don’t hate warren… i think he’s cool and all, but he just don’t surf good..

  • wadupbro

    Warren Smith is RAD.

  • IsoscelesTriangle

    ahhh, he’s seems a good bloke and highly skilled rippah.
    total craptacular video though.
    except getting tow at with the little skiff, pretty effing hilarious.
    keep doing your thing warren, living outside the box is a good thing …