Wildlyfe // Del Marva // 4:10

posted by / Video / April 27, 2012

The East Coast lights up and Todd Elder, Colin Herlihy and Raven Lundy track the swell to an empty beachie

Multiple Go-Pros, board mounts, jet ski assist — these Wildlyfe boys are so tech-savvy!


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  • noskis

    these guys are so rad! anytime its over chest high theyre on their jetskis!

  • single fin

    I know noskis. for once can they just not do step offs on chest high waves and, hmm i don’t know go up to North Jersey and paddle in with the big boys.

  • AuroraSpectrum

    I’ve seen these guys paddle into 20 foot faces on finless boards on the North Shore. I think maybe you should try paddling into the kind of waves they are surfing.