Three Waves From Puerto Escondido

posted by / Video / July 10, 2014

First, we have Shane Dorian. This is almost offensive. The size of that wave. The sideways airdrop. The scoop, the entrance and finally the triumphant exit. There are simply no superlatives that would do this wave justice.

Then, Gabriel Villaran! His effort is tremendous on a real bastard of a wave. Gabriel slithers in without much drama on the drop, poetically scoops and then stands tall in a barrel the size of Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana. While he stands, the wave turns into something of a latte and Gabe must exit through the gift shop before hell crashes down on him. Success!

And now, to bring us home, Ricardo Dos Santos shows us what happens when you don’t quite get under that thick Mexican lip. Would a jeronimo be appropriate here?

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  • Martha Teaches

    Well, not really a wipeout, but a jump off. Is there a difference? A changing of the mind, or wipeout?

  • dwood3001

    the wipe out was weak

  • dwood3001

    I saw lots of people getting deeper then the second guy. that was an average ride at Puerto

  • Bobby

    The so-called wipeout was stupid….. He didn’t catch the wave he paddled for it then bailed off what a joke…

  • Mik

    Have you ever paddled for an 18′ bomb at Puerto and had to bail? Or anywhere? I assure you, it was no joke. Puerto is a roll of the dice once under water. Some come up, others not so lucky. Be humble dude, unless your last name is Martinez.

  • Pepino

    Dude, you don’t know what you’re talking about…did you get a deeper barrel???

  • Rezz


  • benny


  • Shevy

    It’s Geronimo not Jeronimo.

  • Sabrina

    Shane Dorian wins my vote for best wave of these three … He exited clean and that shows control …

  • Maximo

    How about that guy in the foreground on Gabriel’s wave?! He pops up from the wave before and then gets this one on the head! looks f*cked!!!!