Yago, Filipe & More // A Barca // 7:19

posted by / Video / July 30, 2014

It’s almost hard to believe that a Brazilian surfer has never won the World Title. Gabriel Medina looks to change that this year but in the meantime, we’ll go ahead and give Brazilians the title of aerialists in the world. In this edit caleld A Barca, Yago Dora, Filipe Toledo, Marcos Sifu and Kristian Kimmerson prove why that is more of a hard fact than it is a reckless claim. Is anybody else sweating?

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  • KevinB

    Id say nothing in this video proved the point being made.

  • Mikey

    haha at least they are frothing Kev, and blowing up

  • yo mima

    toledo yeah, the rest not so much, that footy is all state park and lowers, what a surprise, more brazillions invade san clemente

  • Cesar

    Awesome footage! Sick airs!
    But airs alone don’t win world titles!
    nice to see medina, adriano, pupo mixing it up.

  • Doug

    So good to finally see some well deserved attention to Brazilian surfing. Filipe Toledo is a favorite and doing a great job as well as the others. This reminds me of Cory Lopez and Wardo back in the 90’s. They must’ve watched a lot of Lost footage! #whatifyoufailbutwhatifyoufly

  • T

    Speed? yes Flow? no Power? questionable Style? laughable