Young Wise Tails Episode 4: Bali

posted by / Video / October 20, 2010

Highlights from this episode:

  • Slender topless females (00:15)
  • Conner gassing it through multiple sections on some OTW-looking shacks (3:58)
  • Droid’s face when they wake him up (4:47)
  • Conner’s frontside carve (throughout)

But watch the whole thing.

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  • Josh

    sick vid!

  • Josh

    the last part of the video was the best! the one two flip off! then aloha!

  • bK

    M. Coleburn better hope he is not convicted in Canada.
    Career ending stupid.
    Another loser aussie on the dole. Figures.
    Wait, OZ may not be happy about a conviction? Dole requirements anyone?

  • betinho

    Check many stuff from Bali at