In the late afternoon last Sunday, when Gabriel Medina paddled out against Adriano de Souza in Round 5 at the J-Bay Open, Corey Wilson was basically praying Gabe would win the heat. Why? Because if Gabe would've lost, the two of them would've had to jump on the first flight out of Johannesburg to join Matt Wilkinson on a Rip Curl Search trip in another part of the world, and Corey was nowhere near ready to leave the country.

Gabe advanced. The Search trip got delayed. And Corey was safely stuck in South Africa.

Since Sunday the surf has been small and the contest has been on hold, and Corey has been running around doing (and photographing) all sorts of fun shit with his friends, and his fun makes up this feature.

So thanks for advancing, Gabe. Because otherwise, none of this would exist.

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