J-Bay Replaces Keramas On 2014 WCT

posted by / WSL / February 24, 2014

supers0672jbay10kirstin_mJ-Bay. Photo: Kirstin/ASP

Let’s just call a trade a trade. This morning, the ASP was pleased to announce a Jeffery’s Bay event on the newly ordained Samsung Galaxy World Championship Tour (we’re a loooong wave from Foster’s). They’re pleased, you’re pleased, we’re all pleased, right? Well, yeah…

Unfortunately, the return of J-Bay means the vanishing of Keramas. Keramas — you know, the event that John John landed that alley-oop at last year — is one of the most rippable waves in the world. It’s an epicenter of progressive surfing. Meanwhile, Jeff’s is one of the earth’s flat-out best. It’s historic, unique — quality surfing there is unlike anything else in the world. A spade is a spade, and a trade most certainly is a trade.

“We were very fortunate to have brought the world’s best surfers to Bali in 2013 and Keramas delivered in amazing fashion for the event,” Kieren Perrow, ASP Commissioner, said. “However, the opportunity to bring the WCT back to South Africa made sense to us and we look forward to the Top 34 showcased on J-Bay’s world-class walls this July.”

The event will run July 10 – 20. Filipe Toledo probably won’t win. Joel Parkinson might.

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  • Jose

    Why such gratuite prejudice agaist Felipe?

  • Scott

    @Jose – Probably cause long right hand point breaks aren’t exactly strengths unlike Joel? Fairly obvious really, don’t think he was trying to say Filipe was no good, just a different surfer. Relax.

  • Jim

    Why don’t they remove the billabong rio pro? That wave sucks ass and its just an air contest?

  • Joe

    Jim, rio is all about the marketing and $$$$$

  • Aloha Alex

    Somewhere Jordy is smiling.

  • French Fab

    Calm down Jose, I think it was just a way of saying J-bay wouldn’t favour progressive surfing… Then again Parko won Keramas last year :-)

  • nd081

    J-Bay > Keramas > Rio

  • Marc Micheletti

    Great news, why not change shitty Rio beach breaks for Keramas ??

  • SurfingKook

    Doesn’t really matter where the tour goes…the judges already have this coming years champion picked and the results have already been scripted.

  • ivanovich

    please please please take out Rio. There has to be other ways to make money. Who goes to Rio to chase world-class waves. MAKE it the dream tour. I really like all of the Brazilians on tour, as well as the other countries but the dream tour can’t be about crappy beach breaks. Common earn the respect of the surfing community and at least do all events in real waves. People would love it – and if people love it… then I’m sure you will find plenty of ways to earn your cash.

  • anyone

    The only Dream about this tour is corporate profit Ivanovich.

    As long as Brazzo means big dough, Rio will be on the CT.

    The pretense of doing right by surfing fell down a Rabbit hole and has not resurfaced.

  • chris eaves

    brazil will not be removed from the tour because of the potential of the emerging South’s market. economists name Brazil as one of the emerging BRIC countries. which means too much potential profit to trade brazil for better waves…material life is political.

  • mark

    I’d rather see Jbay and expose the flaws of surfers with no flow or style.

  • David

    Two thumbs up…let’s bring back style.

  • rob

    every surf media outlet hates on the asp. is it not a known fact that pro surfing is f#$%ed. kelly needs to start up that rebel tour ASAP

  • robby

    and why don’t they switch rio and keramas?