Kelly Slater On ASP World Title Contenders

posted by / Video, WSL / July 10, 2014

It wouldn’t be entirely presumptuous to say that Kelly Slater knows what he’s talking about. With 11 world titles under his brown leather belt (which he wears with a Cocoa Beach belt buckle), Kelly has an intricate understanding of the way things work in the game of world titles. Here, he gives us a midseason update on 2014’s World Championship Tour. Now listen.

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  • Bobby

    SLATER IS TRUE CLASS… My money is on hem for number 12….

  • Rick Gremillion

    Kelly you can do this. Keep it calm my good friend.

  • Jack Manning

    So looking forward to J Bay. I hope Kelly keeps winning and keeps competing. No one surfs like he does.

  • Joy Wu


  • Laura

    I hope waaay down the road, he commentates the contests.

  • Your Living Body

    I would love to see Kelly go for number twelve then retire from the WCT and then tackle big wave surfing.

  • Nancy Busnack

    Kelly’s the BEST. .win as long you can!mi

  • Dan

    does anyone know the songs in the background?

  • freerider

    With only 8 comments, half of them from chicks, looks like so called pro surfing could be going over the falls and down the tubes. No big loss.. Surfing will still go on as usual for the vast majority of surfers. peace…