Mick Fanning Wins 2013 ASP World Title

posted by / News, WSL / December 14, 2013

Mick Fanning, 2013 ASP World Champion. Photo: Brent Bielmann

Mick Fanning, 2013 ASP World Champion. Photo: Brent Bielmann

Mick's world title clinching 9.7. Photo: Corey Wilson

Mick's world title clinching 9.7. Photo: Corey Wilson

Mick Fanning won the 2013 ASP World Title at 9:30 AM, HST. He was in the first heat of the morning — against CJ Hobgood — and things were not going so well for him. Fanning was stumbling through an eight-wave closeout streak while CJ had been chipping away with mid-range scores. Time dwindled and Mick needed a substantial score. Then, at 9:30, Mick caught a roll in, check-turn-stalled and got blasted out of a Pipeline cavern. And the title became his, unofficially.

To officially claim his third world title, Mick had to beat Yadin Nicol in the Quarters. Yadin got a ten in the earlier rounds, and was certainly not going to waver for his countryman. He packed a 9.33 and a 7.57; Mick looked defeated. With five minutes left, whitewater exploded on the third reef. Mick had priority and was in perfect position, but he needed a 9.57. The whole beach jumped to their feet, but deja vu jumped even higher. At 11:40 AM, with time dwindling, Mick caught a roll in, check-turn-stalled and got blasted out of a Pipeline cavern. The clock ran out.

The judges took their sweet with the decision. Was it a 9.57? An 8.67? A 9.33? They watched the replay again and again, and when it finally came time to judge, they deemed the wave a 9.7. And Mick Fanning won the world title at 11:45. -Brendan Buckley

More photos and a recap from the final day of the 2013 Billabong Pipeline Masters to come.

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  • Poop


  • anyone

    Mick won both heats today on last second roll ins… while Yadin took off on the peak and negotiated the bombs… PFFFFTTTTT

    Fanning is good enough to win, no need to gift him. The ASP lost some credibility today

  • peterlongjohn

    super susss.

  • jonny

    Mick is consistent and quality no question but that was not the wave to crown him. Yadins 9.33 was arguably as good as his supposed 9.7, a long fade isn’t worthy of that much a bump in the score! Shame on you judges!!!
    Also how proud can Mick be purposely dropping in on John John in R4 so he didn’t have to face him….you have to beat the best to be World Champ not avoid them for the easier route!!!

  • Gustavo

    This is the sadest day of professional surfing. What a shame Asp! Mick had a big help from the judges!

  • João Bracourt

    my last time wasted on this shit, bye asp.

  • Ben

    One of the worst judging errors of all time. Yadin was especially brutalized today. And based on Mick’s utter drubbing at the hands of JJF it’s safe to say that sneak tactics and judge pushes carried the day over quality surfing.

  • Ben

    Really, the ASP should be ashamed

  • Nat

    Mick has won twice before, the man can surf, he won again today, it’s legit, stop being bad sports!!!!!

  • Gomez

    Today was an absolute joke. I even convinced some of my non-surf fan friends to come watch it, due to the huge swell. What a let down. And it’s not even the 9.7 that was suspect(though it was a bit over scored) – the backup waves in the heat with Nicol was the real head scratcher.

    Add that to the horrible webcast, and I think I’m done with the ASP and these amateur hour live webcasts. Might as well watch wrestling.

  • SD

    What a joke. Shouldn’t even have had a 9 for that wave. Roll in, not deep where it was chucking, to an inside barrel over sand. WTF!

  • G

    How often does everyone agree on something? I’m thinking never, till now.

  • aaron

    such a good point, it seems this is obvious to everyone except the 5 little dwarfs in the box…bad call

  • Brosef

    Look you kooks, surfing is a highly subjective sport. Close heats are always controversial. I happen to think JJF should have gotten the score he needed on his last Backdoor wave in the final with Kelly thus winning that heat. But it didn’t happen. Surfing is subjective. Get over it or go watch baseball you retarded surf jocks.

  • Jbo

    Will mick be drug tested? Or will he avoid it like he did after bells?

  • Pete Pearsons

    I had the webcast going in my home on the big screen all day and loved it. It was so excited to see Mick come from behind and make the score. Twice! All of the scores seemed spot on to me. Congrats to Mick. The only questionable score was JJ’s in the final. He’s final ride seem higher and I thought for sure it gave him the win. Kelly was given a bit of a gift on that one.

  • John Cunningham

    One thing everyone here has missed is how underscored Mick’s first wave was at backdoor, clearly one of the longest and deepest tubes in the contest and he gets a mid 6, should have been 8+, same thing happened to JJ in the final so subjective is right and that’s how the waves are scored. So Everyone get over it if Mick had been scored correctly on both waves he would have still won by a point. And JJ would have won by 0.5 against Kelly but not too much talk about that one is there.

  • Ben

    Roll ins are not the same level of difficulty as first reef caves; Yadin was sent back to the minors for an otherworldly performance. Mick should have been comboed after his last wave.

  • anyone

    Mick had a chance to legitmize the farce and that was to go on to win the contest, but he chose to watch JJF and ‘celebrate’ his victory with what, a 5????

    DUde stole the crown and wanted the show over as quickly as possible.

    The commentary booth was a joke too… Egan is a corporate clown like them all, but there was not even an appearance of objectivity or a discussion about the scoring.

    Someone above mentioned pro wrestling and that about sums it up

  • bchester6

    Bummer that they pretty much ruined Yadin’s career on tour next year with that judging debacle. Congrats Mick for being so “consistent” … Way to go ASP for rewarding mediocrity again.

  • Kevin

    The issue is not whether this was a massive judging mistake or not, this issue is that JUDGES ARE INVOLVED AT ALL. Face it, surfing and “competition” do not mix…art & creative expression are SUBJECTIVE so ANY efforts to quantify and rank better or worse, winner or loser is ridiculous. The extent to which people are relying on ANY means necessary to survive, turning every damn thing possible into a competition, is the extent to which we are all being victimized by social and economic systems that have become totally obsolete as they are not aligned with real human values. Upper cut, upper cut, Bruce Lee chop.

  • Anthony

    All contests are going to have bad calls and the big money events where the top surfers are involved, you have to know they will always get the edge on the scoring. We have seen this for years. Get used to it, Money talks and Kelly and Mick will always get the score when it is close. This is nothing new. The surfers know it and we should too. It is all about $$$$$$$$.

  • Tim

    Wow I’ll never understand the seething negativity that follows almost every contest win. Mick deserved the win. His tube during the quarters was basically perfect. Same with the one against CJ, fade-in or not. There is no way judging will ever be perfect and there will always be heats that are somewhat questionable. At the end of the day, all these people that spaz-out and say “never will watch ASP again blah blah good-bye”” will be back so quit your whinging. Especially considering the entertainment value of this entire contest was as good as it gets.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Tim nails it to a tee. How many of you jackass conspiracy theorists really know how to Judge? From your comments it seems like none of you have a clue. What was witnessed yesterday was one of the greatest days in Surfing History. If you can’t recognize that then you’re lost. What Mick Fanning did was mind blowing. He was in uncharted territory as his previous record at “real” Pipe was less than stellar. His last second, World Title clinching wave, against Yadin was one for the ages. The score was deserved. All before Kelly even touched the water. Knowing Kelly that was enough motivation that nothing less than the Pipe Masters win would be accepted. For all you John John fans what do you have to say now? Dream Final and who won? All hail 3-time World Champ Mick Fanning and the greatest surfer to ever live, Kelly Slater.

  • Gavin

    Would love to see Mick’s year in review next to Slater’s.. over scored frontside hacks and couple of good tubes vs. Kelly’s truly game changing surfing etc..

  • noel

    @Kevin Totally right. Could not have said it better !

  • Dirt

    I was watching the event all day live on fuel tv. It was obvious Mick got score against CJ. The wave to beat Yades was super close, if it had gone the other way, there would be conspiracy calls too.

  • Frankie

    The real shame will be for reputation of the asp who I think generally do a good job, but they effed this up big time. Why did they give Fanning a 9.7 on a wave that was barely in the excellent range, that is, a 9, and Kelly still had to win the whole thing? It seems they had cover and a duty, given that the whole world title was coming down to the scoring of one wave, to be conservative. It seems like the judges really unnecessarily put themselves out there. At the time they made the call, Kelly still had to win the contest, a huge task, even for Kelly. I wouldn’t say, put an asterisk next to fanning’s 3rd world title, but it will always be remembered, particularly in the pro surf world, what happened. And that ain’t good for the asp or Fanning.

  • Freeride

    9.7 MY ASS
    Total Bullshit

  • funkymonky

    Por favor esto es una broma o que
    no es posible que se nos tome el pelo de esta manera
    Le robaron ese heat a Yadin, y se lo regalan a mick como si nada
    solo por darle el titulo

    es por eso que la gente se desepciona de ASP, por que joel y mick
    son bueno pero no deberían darles calificaciones siempre overscored

  • Blowy

    I’m stoked for Mick and reckon he deserved the win. Everyone complaining that Micks wave was ‘easy’ and a ‘roll in’ should get out there and do better… Everyone should be happy Slater lost by a bee’s dick. It’s gunna make him come back hungrier than ever next year. Bet your house that Slater will have the 2014 title stitched up before the end of the Eurpoean leg. By the way i’m a huge Kelly fan but i’m an Aussie

  • Bass

    How many times Kelly has been overscored against Taj? So many.
    Stop the cry. For me JJ won clearly anyway. They gave K the win as to overdue their mistake. But JJ WON.

  • anyone

    Tim and Kaipo Gomes work for the industry…. paid stooges.

  • anyone

    Really, dumber than stooges, hand puppets. I was going to type ‘parrots’, but talking parrots are more intelligent than industry stooges.

    If only their noses grew like the story told.

  • Nick


  • Bali

    What a shame, didn’t seem fair! The crown should have been Kelly’s again! But…it didn’t so….it made me lose a bit of faith in the ASP judging? Really a 9.7 for that wave?

  • Kaipo Gomes

    When the world is made up of people like “anyone” we all have to be brought down by the lowest common denominator. “Anyone” that is like grading on the curve if you were in school. Have you ever Judged anything related to surfing? I doubt it. Your ignorance is deafening and to try to explain why each wave deserved the score it got will fall on your deaf ears and home schooled education. Simply put if you stood in the Judges area and listened to the Head Judge and watched the replays of similar waves you would see that they scored the waves accurately. You are biased as is everyone and you have to eliminate that from your thinking. Going by your enlightening responses you might want to crawl back in the hole you peer from. Aloha.

  • Gavin

    Kaipo.. I think that most of the “anyones” could give proper scores for waves ridden’ in the same heat. Maybe the line would change in between the comp.. but that doesn’t matter.. Mick wouldn’t have won if there were people with eyes attached to their heads in the judges booth..
    And I would love to see some conspiracy.. but who’s winning in this one?? only Mick with shadow of shame dropped above him..

    I can understand that at the skateboarding competitions there’s some difficulties for judge’s to see who’s doing what during the sessions when people are skating at the same time and you need to have some eyes for judging..

  • kaiborg

    Kaipo Gomes: Surfing Magazine’s resident comment troll. It’s so funny how you keep coming back here to respond. I know life is slow in Hawaii, but come on.

    I’m no Slater fanboy, and Mick deserved the title as much or more than anyone, but he didn’t win it on Saturday, and the vast majority of comments here (and elsewhere) would seem to reflect that fact.

    Compare Mick’s medium-size roll-in to Pupo’s 9.77 BEAST, or Yade’s more critical 9.3, or Slater’s hell-drop 10. There’s just no way, given the judging criteria and the scale set in previous heats, that Mick’s wave was a 9.7. NO FUCKING WAY. (A 9, maybe, but tenths of a point matter in pro surfing, don’t they?)

    And yes, some of us have been surfing and watching surfing long enough to understand the judging criteria, thanks. It’s not rocket science, brosef.

  • Mik

    @kaipo gomes: to ignore the judging weirdness is weird as well.

    it exists.

    to try to dehumanize other bloggers for being bummed by it is off base. your welcome to your opinion, but dont try to beat us over the head with it.

    I will agree that JJ might have won that Final on that last wave, but Kelly’s late drop was underscored too. How many people airdrop a wave that critical, and in a split second throw them selves into such a radically compressed pigdog position to escape the lip and then reset for the barrel?

    I’ll tell you: two people: Kelly and Andy.

    No ones else I’ve seen (though it may have happened in freesurfs?)

    So I agree with the majority here: Kelly was amazing, and maybe should have had number 12. That said, I am glad Kelly instagram’ed his congrats to Mick, and asked us to let it be… ANd I appreciate Mick’s humility and athleticism. Cool guy, and a technically superb surfer.

    Many thnx to Vans, Reef, and Billabong for an amazing Triple Crown, and especially to the entire Top 34 surfers for making my life so much richer in experience!!!

  • fortay


  • Deezle

    In the heat of the moment, when watching the comp, I thought Mick’s wave was a 9.0. But, having replayed it many times, its lucky to be a 7.0. Mick does not ride the foam-ball. He turns up, over the foam ball, then down it, for a split second, before pulling into the kind of small sand-bar tube that is found on any good beach break. The tube was both short and small. The biggest joke in surfing history.

  • Lastcall

    If the rolls were reversed, does anyone in their right mind think Kelly wouldn’t have got the scores that Mick received?

  • Gilly

    7.5 for the wave 2.2 for the claim a hysterical Occy and a moment of intense expectation…